Meet the gay men who claim “Puppy Identity” and live as homosexual dogs

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The Secret Life of Human Pups has bewildered viewers.

The Channel 4 documentary – dubbed its most barking one yet – explored the weird world of ‘human pups’, grown men who enjoy dressing up as dogs .

But the subjects of Secret Life of the Human Pups insist it is not sexual and their yearning to wear rubber outfits and masks is a lifestyle choice.

Oxford graduate Kye, 28, said: “Puppy play is definitely not about sex, it is a form of escapism.”

However viewers were less than sure the show wasn’t a massive wind-up.

“People think it’s just all about sex, but it’s really not,” says one pup (as they like to be referred to), who did not want to be identified, with a full black face mask.

“Of course there is an element of that, as with any fetish, but it’s about the socialising as well.”


“There’s gay men, straight men, gay women, straight women who’ll come to the sessions.” Explains the pup. “It’s all ages too, anyone from 18 up.”

So why do they do it? As well as the social side, the overarching reason is escapism.

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