Meet The Bulldozer, The Man Whose Job Is To Execute People For ISIS

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Nicknamed as the bulldozer, this mammoth of  a man is responsible for countless atrocities on the people of God in Syria among them, a small boy who refused to denounce Christ and accept the sick ideology that ISIS professes.

The 20-stone killer is believed to be rising through the ranks of the evil organisation, gaining a brutal reputation for beheading unarmed men and even chopping off the limbs of children.

He is known only by the sinister nickname that he acquired after being photographed with a 52kg machine gun.

Like British executioner Jihadi John – eventually unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi – the fat monster always wears a mask fearful his identity will be revealed.

ISISs-executioner-dubbed-The-Bulldozer (1)

He is distinctive due to being being extremely overweight.

One of his latest atrocities – for which he has gained infamy – includes hacking a 14-year-old’s hand and foot off.

Victim Omar said: “They put my hand on a wooden block and cut if off with a butcher’s knife. Then they cut off my foot.”

The Bulldozer has hacked down blasphemers in front of crowds and favours a long sword for his slaughter.

He is part of what has been dubbed the Chopping Committee that descends on helpless Iraqi towns.

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