Ministers in gay marriages may be accepted as priests as Church of Scotland votes

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Ministers in same-sex marriages may be appointed by the Church of Scotland as the Church’s General Assembly is set to vote on the historic move on Saturday.

The vote would not allow ministers to carry out same-sex weddings but would mean congregations could appoint a minister who is in a same-sex marriage. It comes after the Church’s ruling body voted to recognise ministers in civil partnerships at last year’s gathering.

A statement from the Church stresses that if passed, the proposed amendment to Church law “would not imply the Church will permit its ministers to solemnise same sex marriages.

“The Church maintains its traditional view of marriage between a man and woman,” the statement continued, “but the change would extend individual congregations ability to ‘opt out’ if they wished to appoint a Minister or a Deacon in a same sex marriage as well as civil partnership.”

The vote on Saturday comes in the middle of a two year study on same-sex marriage by the Church’s Theological Forum. It will be presented at next year’s General Assembly but the chair of the forum has warned “absolute victory” was not possible for either side. Full Report

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