Morgan Freeman Bashed for Posting Photo from ‘Jerusalem, Israel’

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Actor Morgan Freeman drew some fierce backlash on social media when he posted a photo tagged with the location “Jerusalem, Israel.”

Freeman is in Israel as part of his new Nat Geo series, The Story of God.

The seemingly-innocuous post, later edited, quickly drew thousands of comments pitting supporters of Israel against those who believe the contested city should belong to the Palestinians.

“It’s Palestine you fool,” one commenter said, with another arguing that Jerusalem is “the eternal and Struggling capital of the state of Palestine.”

“Jerusalem is the most beautiful place in Israel… Have been and will allways [sic] belong to the Jewish state ISRAEL.. No doubt on this!!!” another person wrote.

The post was then changed to simply read “Jerusalem,” drawing further criticism.

“Jerusalem, Israel, you stated it correctly in your original post. Screw the offended and misled imbiciles [sic]!” one person wrote.

The same thing happened to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme a few weeks ago when he wrote “Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!” in a Facebook post.

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