How movies are killing the humanity in people. Must read

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The movie starts with some lady trapped on a secluded street. Her vehicle got a puncture by running over some barbed wires that were on the road. The Director of the movies makes it ‘her offense’ by portraying her as  a bad woman shouting at a man on the phone, so when tragedy strikes you do not pity her.

She gets out of the car and a man comes from nowhere and cuts her body in two. The crowd is shocked then cheers on as the movie now ‘officially starts’.
Another scene, another popular movie. It is a zhombie apocalypse. Men turn against men and start holding others prisoners. This team of ‘predators’ now feeds on human flesh. They get several men who are ‘prisoners’ and have them kneel before a ceramic sink on the floor. Then two men behind them start executing them with no regard for human life or sympathy. One strikes with a golf rode on the head, and the second slices the throat and moves to the second victim.

The first movie is called Wrong Turn On Facebook it is loved by more than 2 million people. All over the world it has been watched by more than 10 million.

The second one is the very popular series The Walking Dead with more than 31million fans on Facebook.

That is the world today. We pay to  have people conceive the sickest scariest ways of killing other people for our entertainment. We enjoy seeing other people suffer on the screen. We celebrate and cheer the site of blood. We jump and ululate at the site of agony and death-and yet we rpay for love, we pray for forgiveness we pray for things to get better.

Today, the best selling movies are action and horror. And even action movies, compare those to 10yrs ago, the violence and blood letting has escalated. Practical example, Rambo the very first movie had very little violence, its sequels have grown in violence with the latest, Rambo4 having a scene where the bad guy has his intestines cut out to the cheer of the movie watchers.

Such a shame huh? Recently we read that the lady behind the popular TV series Orange is the New Black divorced her husband and is in a gay relationship with one of the actors in the series.

What does that tell you? America, the mother and home of Hollywood has reports and incidents of gun violence in schools and shopping centers done by the very students. Every other week, a student goes on rampage and shoots other students. Almost all American cities have legalized gay marriages and are in the process of legalizing Marijuana. What does that really tell you?

The songs you listen to, the movies you watch, they all are working towards making the little love you have for mankind become less than little and the hatred you have for mankind grow just a little more.

Think about it, how addicted are you to movies? How much do you love violence in movies? Does that help you as a person be more appreciative of the gift of love and life to humanity or less? Whichever movie you are watching, do you think God will approve of it? Or Christ watch it with you?

Cos the simple truth is , the moment you turn on the remote, the Spirit of God walks out of that home. Every moment you turn on the remote, the devil wins. He wins in getting some ‘alone’ time with you and him. A time when the Spirit of God has left and the devil can manipulate your thoughts. And every time that happens, he builds a new character in you, a stronger character, one that loves blood and violence, one that is not patient and loving, one that is the very opposite of the character God has purposed for you.

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