N Korea Ready to Nuke US at Slightest Sign of Aggression

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Pyongyang is ready to “wipe out the empire of evil” at the slightest sign of its aggression against North Korea, the country’s embassy in Moscow said in a statement.

(Sputnik) — North Korea is ready to carry out a “preemptive” nuclear strike at the slightest sign of US aggression, the North Korean Embassy in Moscow said Friday.

“Our army and people are watching with a boiling rage the United States’ and other hostile forces’ sinister actions against the DPRK today, and remain fully ready to wipe out the empire of evil through a preemptive nuclear strike at the slightest sign of aggression,” the embassy said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to attack Seoul government buildings if South Korea challenged Pyongyang.

North Korea’s threats against Washington come as the maritime portion of the annual Foal Eagle military exercises between South Korean and US forces were launched on Thursday. Foal Eagle is a series of joint and combined field training exercises conducted by US-South Korea Combined Forces Command each year.

As in previous years, North Korea responded to the beginning of Foal Eagle with a threat to annihilate its enemies with nuclear weapons.


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