Nairobi pastor Patrick Ngutu faces online backlash after killing owls claiming they were ‘witches’

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A popular Nairobi pastor this morning faced online backlash from Kenyans on social media after posting images at his Church compound of dead Owls claiming they were witches that had been killed.

Pastor Patrick Ngutu of Winners Chapel International (wonderland) posted the images on his social media account and was forced to later delete them but not before ‘screenshots’ of his post had been taken and are now being shared widely with many venting their anger at the pastor.

The post below indicates the pastor had earlier killed a first bird claiming it were a witch.



While it is not yet clear where those birds were found, Kenyans on social media have been calling to the Wildlife authorities to arrest and prosecute the pastor for Wildlife endangerment.

Owls have traditionally been viewed as bad omen in Kenya with many communities shunning the birds away believing that the citation of such birds would mean the death of a person in a community. These however have never been proven to be true.

It is also not clear if at the time of killing those birds they were ‘human’ or ‘birds. From the Pastors post, it seems to him the birds were ‘human witches’ in disguise or agents of human witches sent ‘against’ him.

In Kenya, especially the Coastal regions, it is claimed that some animals are are either demons or witches in disguise out to cause Spiritual harm to believers.  Probably this pastor is from one such community where he really believed the owls were out to get him. Am guessing his plea-should he be arrested-would be Self Defense.


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