Nairobi Senator Invites SDA Woman Living On Streets To Lunch At His Office – Photos

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Following a public appeal call to help Hellen, a woman who has been living on the streets in Nairobi, the Nairobi Senator invited him today for a lunch at his office.

Hellen was first noticed by one Ndungu Nyoro a public profile Kenyan who has been known to help Kenyans get help, especially medical. He first came on the news when he made a public appeal to raise funds for a small girl who was to undergo a life saving surgery in Canada.

In his Story, while taking lunch with friends he saw a woman pushing sweet potatoes on a wheelbarrow for sale with her baby on the back. He then spent the entire afternoon focusing on this woman his mind going crazy trying to figure out the circumstances that led to a look in her eyes that spoke of pain and struggle.

You can read her story here.

Ndungu Nyoro is leading a public appeal help for Hellen. In it, it is hoped that enough money can be raised to pay for an entire year worth of house rent, furnish the house and buy clothes for her three children, two of whom she says lives with her mother up-country. Also in the plan is to fund a business of her choosing with enough capital to see the business self sustaining in the long run. Kenyans are also being asked to raise so that part of the money can be spent on her children’s school fees.

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Earlier today, the Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko invited her to his office for lunch. Mike Sonko, who has also been taking part in contributing to such public appeal cases seems to have also taken over her case personally.

hellen 2

Mike Sonko will be remembered for adopting Baby Osita who was shot by terrorists and had a bullet lodged in his head. After a successful surgery, Baby Osita is well and in school courtesy of Mike Sonko, and as recently as this August holidays was taken an a holiday alongside Mike Sonko and his family.

You too can help Hellen by raising funds and contributing in anyway you can. If you are outside of Kenya, please email us at [email protected] and we will advise you on how your contributions can be passed onto her. If you are in Kenya, please use the following information below.

1. Safaricom: Paybill 891300
A/C No 5286
2. Airtel Money: Go to Airtel Money
Make Payments
Business name 891300
M-CHANGA reference 5286
3. Equitel: Go to My money
Select Send/Pay
Select Account
Enter Business Number 891300
Enter Account 5286


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