Nairobi Senator Says Gays Should Be Burned And Will Not Apologize

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Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has said he is not sorry for remarks he posted on his Facebook page against homosexuals.

The Senator posted two videos of gays being interviewed by the media and said they were “evil spirits” who should not be among people.

Sonko told the Star on phone that he has nothing to apologise for as “Kenya is not Sodom and Gomorrah”. He quoted the Bible in saying Sodom was destroyed over such practices.

His post read:” Hii Coast ina mambo sana. Angalia huyu shoga mwengine ati anaitwa Amina kutoka Kisauni. Shindwee Amina, unafaa kuchomwa .”

“This translates to, “The Coast has many issues. This is a homosexual who says his name is Amina. I rebuke you Amina, you should be burned.”

He also said: ” Bibilia inakataa ushoga. Quran inakataa ushoga. Pepo nyinyi shindweee (The Bible condemns homosexuality. So does the Quran. You evil spirits, be gone)”.

The civil society and religious leaders in Mombasa have protested the statement saying it could result in violence since he is a leader whose views people are keen on.


Currently, Kenyan law criminalizes homosexuality though no one has been arrested nor prosecuted for the ‘crime’. LGBT rights groups have been holding demonstrations calling on the government to legalize homosexual unions.

President Uhuru in a press conference with Obama said Kenyans have many issues to deal with at the moment and that homosexuality was a non-issue. This was in response to Obama’s call that the government should take steps to protect the ‘rights’ of homosexuals.

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