Name search in the book of heaven for 1,500Kes

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For Thomas Wahome, the man behind the Helicopter Ministry in Nairobi-controversy may actually be his third name. Indeed his ministry or church is not new to news and bloggers.

It was not long ago that his wife came out asking for 300,000Kes monthly upkeep in a divorce in which she alleged he makes more than 500,000Kes.

Well we may just have a way in which he makes all that money.

Sources from the church reveal that the man has alleged having been shown by some St Michael the ‘nominal roll’ from the book of life and he is therefore  charging a “small” fee of 1500/=. (4 name search)

Well, if the records are right, the man will search your name in millions of names from the records kept in heaven and tell you ‘when the roll is called up’ whether you should hide under some rock or boldly await for Christ to call you out.

Personally I think the stupid part is that we have become so lazy to read the bibles and accept any idiot that comes out in the name of God with whichever doctrine and start flushing funds out to this man. Unfortunately the bible is clear that Ignorance shall be no defence before God. 

We have seen many doctrines-from false doomsday prophets, to doctrines or rapture, a ‘Jesus” appearing-well this may just be strangest of all. For 1,500Kes you get your name searched in the records of heaven. Hilarious!

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