Netherlands May Debate ‘Completed Life Bill’ That Allows Healthy People Commit Suicide

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In the Netherlands, it may soon be legal for healthy people to choose to be euthanized provided they are old enough, according to proposed legislation.

The “Completed Life Bill,” which might be introduced into the Dutch parliament by Pia Dijkstra, a member of Dutch D66 political party, allows any person aged 75 or over to decide that his or her life is “complete” and receive euthanasia drugs, The Federalist reported Friday.

Julie Hocker, senior policy fellow for the Center for Human Dignity at the American Conservative Union Foundation, explained in a Monday interview with The Christian Post that with the proposal of this bill the Dutch continue opening some very troubling doors.

“Once death is a solution for one ‘problem,’ it soon becomes the solution for many more,” Hocker said. “Perhaps even worse, it becomes the obligation to choose death as the correct, binary choice to remaining a so-called burden on families.”

Advocates for euthanasia have employed strict “physician assisted suicide” statutes around the world for “supposed last resort deaths” as a “wedge” in order to promote a much more nefarious “death-on-demand” agenda, she said.

“As dignity is stripped of some individuals, we will see whole communities suffer. Look to Oregon — the first state in the U.S. to legalize physician-assisted suicide — suicide rates continue to climb while funding for prevention continues to dry up; among teenagers, suicide is the second leading cause of death now,” Hocker said.

“And we cannot be surprised: a 2015 survey published in the Southern Medical Journal found that the legalization of Physician Assisted Suicide led to a direct increase in suicides overall. Supposed ‘Death with Dignity’ laws are being aggressively marketed as compassionate — and as Americans, we need to realize they are anything but that.” Full Report

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