New Age UN Organizations

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In 1973, UN Secretary-General U Thant and New Age activist Donald Keys founded Planetary Citizens. This organization is now a UN-recognized non-governmental organization, “devoted to preparing people for the coming of the new culture.”

Donald Keys has been actively involved with the Findhorn Community in Scotland and writes regularly for its magazine One Earth. Findhorn promotes New Age teaching as “a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future.”

Planetary Citizens and the Findhorn Foundation are just two of the organizations connected to the United Nations that teach blatant New Age, Earth worship, and Luciferian doctrine.

Keys wrote this in One Earth:

The New Age groups are focusing and entering a new stage—a world related stage. They are becoming mature enough to begin to shoulder some of the load of humanity’s burden.

David Spangler, co-director and spokesperson for the Findhorn Foundation explains the organization’s Luciferian views:

The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through rejection. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one’s own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into a New Age, which is the age of man’s wholeness

Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God…the light that reveals to us the path to the Christ comes from Lucifer. He is the light giver. He is aptly named the Morning Star because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness…He stands no longer as the tester or the tempter but as the great initiator, the one who hands the soul over to the Christ and from the Christ on into ever greater realms (emphasis added).

David Spangler also gives a clearly satanic understanding of Scripture:

We can take all the scriptures and all the teachings and all the tablets and all the laws, and all the marshmallows and have a jolly good bonfire and marshmallow roast, because that is all they are worth.

The Temple of Understanding

The Temple of Understanding (TOU) is a non-governmental organization with the goal of promoting understanding between religions. Founded by Juliet Hollister in 1960, the TOU endorses tolerance and “respect for religious pluralism” through its many international courses and programs.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, home of Templf of Understanding in New York.
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Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, home of Templf of Understanding in New York….

The TOU webpage tells us that Eleanor Roosevelt “was among the first to endorse the concept,” saying, “our world surely needs the inspiration and leadership of such a ‘Spiritual United Nations’.”vii

The TOU has had countless supporters and “Founding Friends,” most notably UN Secretary-General U Thant, the Dalai Lama, Pope John VIII, mystic Thomas Merton, and Mother Teresa.

The Temple of Understanding is based at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City. St. John the Divine, the largest cathedral in the world, is the “cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the Seat of its Bishop.”

Deeply connected with the United Nations, the Temple of Understanding “is dedicated to advancing social justice in the global context of today’s world by promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals.”x TOU also holds UN workshops and even a “life-changing” six-week UN internship for students to learn about the “inner workings of The United Nations.”

Eighty years ago, Alice Bailey, an early New Age Leader, started her own UN-supported NGO call World Goodwill.

This article is adapted from Professor Veith’s Total Onslaught DVD The UN and the Occult Agenda.

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