Nigerian Bishop Oyedepo claims it takes your tithes to claim God’s blessings

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In other words, you are buying God’s blessings…..and yes, he will take those tithes on your behalf.

The Bishop’s recent preaching has caused an outcry after saying only those who pay their tithe are qualified for God’s blessings.

While speaking at one of his services at the popular Canaan land, he stated that there are conditions to receiving God’s blessing as long as one takes to prophetic instructions.

Problem is, the Bishop did not give a single verse to support his position and claim that God’s blessings are only released after he cashes your tithes and offerings.

The truth your pastor would not tell you about tithes

The Bishop said, nothing provided by God comes without conditions and God’s blessings are dependent on the tithes you give.

The Bishop has Net worth‎: ‎US$150 million (Forbes, 2011) making him one of the richest thieves in the name of God to ever walk the planet.

Does God expect your tithes and offerings to bless you?

Simple answer is NO. First of all, you have to understand what tithes and offerings were and why they were instituted by God.

For modern day preachers, lying to people that God’s blessings are tied to their tithes is their way of increasing their riches at the expense of the Gospel of God.

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