Nigerian female suicide bomber lynched to death after her explosive vest fails to detonate

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A female suicide bomber in Nigeria was lynched to death by an irate mob after her explosive vest failed to detonate.

The woman was killed by people at the Kasuway Shanu cattle market in the central district of Kasuwa in Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria.

She was killed shortly after another woman had successfully detonated her vest.

It is understood the two attacks were due to be coordinated in order to maximise the number of casualties.

Police confirmed the first terrorist died in the attack while the second woman was ‘lynched by an irate mob in her vicinity’.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for this morning’s attack, which took place around 8.40am local time.

Security forces believe the two terrorists were from Boko Haram.

This week, President Muhammadu Buhari claimed the Nigerian military had successfully wiped out Boko Haram’s main base in the Sambisa Forest.

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