Nigerian pastor changes name to Jesus

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A Nigerian Pastor has made an official announcement on a local paper for change of names to Jesus. The Pastor, one Daniel Dikeji Mimeyeraye had previous titles as Reverend and Evangelist.

His name was thus Rev. Evang. Daniel Dikeji Mimeyeraye.

Those titles seem either not enough or do not reflect the role he plays in the lives of his congregants and has therefore requested for a formal change to be JESUS’ HOLINESS, SAINT DANIEL DIKEJI MIYERIJESU, The Demon Destroyer A.K.A Osu r’ Akpo Eje (The World Leader), Jesus’ Doctor, The Apple of God’s eye, Founder, God’s Grace Ministry Inc. Worldwide, The Bishop of the whole world.

With the change he alludes his entire family surname henceforth is MIYERIJESU.

All official documents with his previous names he declares remains valid and instructs cooperate companies, banks and institutions having transactions with his ministry to take note of the name change.

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