Nigerian pastor murders pregnant choir lover and two others to conceal affair

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On 23rd February, a pastor was paraded by Nigerian police for allegedly killing two pregnant women and an infant.

Pastor Chidiebere Okoroafor of the Altar of Solution Church in Oyigbo, Nigeria was paraded by the Rivers State Police command for the gruesome murders of Concilia Ezeawa, Uloma Onweagba and nine-month- old Christabel Joseph.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Pastor Okoroafor had impregnated Uloma Onweagba, a member of the church choir.

He allegedly tried to pressure her into terminating the pregnancy to no avail and committed the crime in a bid to hide the affair with the 25-year-old Onweagba. He murdered Ezeawa since she privy to the affair between them.

Speaking to the press, Nigeria’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyril Okoro revealed that investigations began in December 2017 after the case was reported.

“We discovered that the Pastor was having an amorous affair with one of the deceased, Uloma. The Pastor manipulated the two women on the 10th of December by first luring Concila to an uncompleted building and killed her there.

After strangulating the late Concilia, he then took Uloma with Christabel in a tricycle to an isolated farm at Igberu road and gruesomely murdered her in the surrounding overgrown Bush with the baby strapped to her back.

She was suffocated with the wrapper she used in strapping the baby on her back,” stated the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

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