‘No one will love her as much as I do’: Australian man divorced three times finds love with a sex doll called Noni

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A man who has been divorced three times has now found love with a life-size plastic doll but says it took more than a year to learn how to have sex with her.

Murray, from Queensland in Australia, fell in love with his 6ft doll Noni despite the fact that she cannot walk or talk and is made of plastic.

He told the ABC it took him and Noni a long time to build the deep intimacy they now share.

He said he experiences levels of ‘ecstasy’ when they have sex that is nowhere near what he gets with other women.

‘It took me over a year to learn how to make love to dolls. Once I got over that massive learning curve they can take you into realms you didn’t know existed,’ Murray said.

He told the ABC his doll Noni has moods, a particular sense of style and wears her own scent.

When he sold one of his previous dolls he had to throw out all her clothing because Noni wouldn’t wear it.

Noni is Murray’s fourth doll but he said he hopes they are together until he dies. He bought his first sex doll in 2008 after his third divorce.

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