Noah’s Ark and Homosexuals

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As I sit here, this morning, having my devotion study period, the thought of what occurred yesterday continues to disturb my thinking. I posted, rather, shared a post regarding homosexuality and surprisingly a sister friend of mine, with whom I grew up, in church, raised the issue of “acceptance” of homosexuals, considering it judgmental and discrimination against them and wanted to lump together those afflicted with addiction, and other sexual sins.

The keyword here being, “sin”, which is often overlooked. Now true, I had a deep dislike and resistance toward them; however, a dream I had some months ago regarding another life-long friend as it turns out he is homosexual and God was teaching me I must accept him, as one of God’s own children, but it is not my role as a Christian to accept his lifestyle.

God doesn’t either, nor does He require me to do what He wouldn’t do. People need to understand this: God DOES NOT accept their lifestyle, ideology or excuses for their behavior.

How can it be discrimination when ultimately He will burn them, too, as a result of “sinful” behavior, which they were not willing to let Him heal them?

So, the thought has turned to Noah’s Ark. Is it any wonder when God told Noah to prepare an ark for him and his family. Is it not interesting regarding his family there would be a “male” and a “female”?

Is it any interest when it came to the animal population, he was told to bring a “male” and a “female” in their species of those “unclean” and those “clean” could be numbered by sevens, which would have included at least one male and one female, whereas the others it would not have mattered since it would be used for food and sacrificing once the flood had dissipated. God had a plan.

My consideration, though, is for those who chose not to get on the ark. Noah was told to preach to them in preparing them for a world crisis.

I’m sure when Noah preached his message of salvation, and righteousness, he couldn’t help but mention God’s requirements for getting on that boat. Men and women would have to leave not only their personal belongings but their personal ideologies and sinful lives.

They, God included, would not be having the same foolishness of which the world was being destroyed onto the boat carrying them into the new world. So, I can see in my mind’s eye Noah preaching and hear with my mind’s ear him preaching and informing the people there will be no “him and him” and “her and her” stepping onto the ark unless they repented of their sinful lives and ONLY then could they be saved!

Listen to this: God does not save us “in” our sins, but “from” our sins. And when you read and understand the Sanctuary Service which is typical of the Gospel so we are able to understand it, “atonement” for sin is not made before a person is healed or has repented but AFTER they’ve done the work in their lives.

You see, just like in Noah’s time the same will be in our time. God will not save the homosexual. God will not save the drug addict. God will not save the sinner AFTER He comes back, but BEFORE He returns.

This means prior to His coming, and this time is very soon, all homosexuals, all addicts, all sinners, this includes you and me, would have had to have gotten our sinful lives repented and accepted, by God, BEFORE He carries any of us into Heaven with Him. Not after.

There will be no healing at Christ’s appearing. There will be no change of character in Heaven. All these things must be taking place NOW while we are here. We are not to be languishing in our sin but overcoming them.

Surely, we are told, “Come as you are” but we’re not advised to “Stay as you are”.

June 17, 2015

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