North Korea nuclear warning: UK told to prepare for World War 3 threat IMMEDIATELY

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North Korea could strike at any time because of Donald Trump’s “volatile and impulsive” nature, the UK-based think tank added.

British civil servants have been urged to start preparing immediately for the possible declaration of war between North Korea and the United States, according to a report by independent defence think tank the Royal United Services Institute.

In the report titled “Why the UK needs to be thinking now about a possible Korean War”, experts claim “a new Korean war is a real possibility”.

The author, Malcolm Chalmers, says the “North Korea programme is moving forward more rapidly”, and US President Donald Trump’s war of words with the rogue state’s despot leader Kim Jong-un is doing nothing to reach a diplomatic solution.

The report adds: “If war did begin, the President would be on the phone to 10 Downing Street within an hour asking for support.

“Whitehall needs to be preparing now for a range of possible scenarios that could unfold in the coming months.

“Much would depend on how the war starts. North Korea, for example, might relate if the US shoots down a test missile being fired into the waters around Guam. Or it could interpret a massing of US forces on its border as the precursor for invasion.

“If it was clear that North Korea was responsible for initiating a conflict, it would be difficult for the UK not to provide strong political support for its closest ally.”

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