North Korea ‘sent Russia a letter warning it was prepared to conduct a nuclear strike against the US’

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North Korea sent a letter to Russia explaining that the totalitarian dictatorship was ‘prepared to conduct a nuclear strike against the United States’, according to a report.

A delegation from the Stalinist state is said to have got a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin last month during the Inter-Parliamentary Union talks in St Petersburg.

According to Kremlin’s Sputnik News, the Americans changed their stance towards North Korea after being told about the letter by Russia.

Sputnik said the document was given to upper house speaker Valentina Matviyenko by the North Korea delegation, who then passed it on to President Putin.

But Putin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday that he was unaware of the letter.

It comes after three US aircraft carriers teamed up with Japanese ships for joint naval exercises designed to send a clear warning to North Korea.

The four-day drills that began in waters off South Korea’s eastern coast came as President Donald Trump traded insults with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

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