North Korea threatens WAR: ‘We will reduce you to DEBRIS in a MOMENT’

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Pyongyang-based newspaper Rodong Sinmun, which is the official publication for the hermit state’s one-party government, promised the nation possessed the weapons to carry out its attack – in response to a Japanese military drill.

The editorial accused Japan of working with South Korean officials, described as “the worst group of traitors”, as part of a plan to invade the country.

It read: “The Japanese reactionaries are mulling using this despicable calculation of the South Korean regime for reinvading the peninsula.

“The DPRK will never pardon those reactionaries to flout the destiny of the nation.”

It said the Japanese government’s claim the drill was of a routine and friendly nature as “clumsy rhetoric”.

The paper’s editorial, which is scripted by one of dictator Kim Jong-un’s propaganda team, also stated the country possessed “powerful, ultra-modern attack means” capable of “blowing up any place of the world”.


The raving opinion piece chillingly concluded: “In case the Japanese reactionaries kick off their re-invasion, the whole land of Japan will be reduced to debris in a moment.

“The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to stop behaving recklessly.”

Western governments are on red alert following a series of explosive statements and threats from the totalitarian state this summer, even sparking fears of a Third World War.

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