North Korea Vows to Launch ‘Preemptive Strike’ in Case of Any US ‘Provocation’

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The North Korean General Staff vowed to target US military bases in Japan, South Korea and the residence of the South Korean president in Seoul in case of US aggression.

Earlier in the day, US officials said that Washington is prepared to use conventional weapons against North Korea if they feel that Pyongyang is about to pull the trigger on its sixth nuclear weapons test.

On Thursday, the DPRK released another warning, saying, “By relentlessly bringing in a number of strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula, the US is gravely threatening the peace and safety and driving the situation to the brink of a nuclear war.”

On April 5, North Korea reportedly launched a ballistic missile from Sinpho, South Hamgyong province, in the direction of the Sea of Japan.

US officials announced on Saturday that an aircraft carrier strike group was sent to the Korean peninsula amid rising tensions.

On Sunday, US National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Herbert McMaster said that President Donald Trump had ordered preparation of all possible options in order to protect the United States and its partners from the threat emanating from North Korea.

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