Norway to Launch Bill Allowing 6-Year-Olds to Change Gender

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A new proposed bill in Norway, lauded as one of the “most liberal in the world,” loosens restrictions on people seeking to officially change their gender. Disturbingly, the law would also apply to minors as young as six. Worse than that, if a parent objects to a child so young changing his or her gender, authorities will have the right to step in and decide what’s “in the child’s best interest.” TheLocal reports:

No more humiliating psychiatric exams, no lengthy hormone treatments and invasive surgeries resulting in irreversible sterilisations that have been the practice for a legal gender change in Norway since the 1970s.

All you would have to do is notify authorities — a click on a website would suffice — to change your legal gender if the bill becomes law.

The legislation, which activists hope will be voted on by parliament before the summer break, has met little opposition. Norway’s bill also allows minors aged six to 16 to change their gender if both parents agree. If one parent opposes, authorities may decide “in the child’s best interest.”

“The law will make things easier for us,” said Sofie Brune, a mother of two.

“We won’t have to always prepare everything in advance before going anywhere. There are already so many things to explain.”

Brune is concerned about the bill because apparently her six year old girl identifies as a boy. Of course to Brune it makes sense to confuse the child even more by referring to her as “he” and enrolling her in the boy’s football team at school.

“He’s happy,” Brune added. “That’s what’s most important. Children around him are very tolerant once we explain.”

Transgender hysteria has truly reached a fever pitch. And rather than help people who may genuinely be struggling with an identity issue, the left is more concerned with subverting society as a whole by purposefully manipulating and confusing impressionable youth.

There is no reason on earth why children that young should be concerned about their gender or its carnal implications. They are innocent and should simply be allowed to bechildren. But the left can’t have that, can it? Leftists would rather plant misguided ideas in the minds of children, causing confusion where otherwise there would have been none.  Truthrevolt

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