Obama Calls for Embrace of ‘Common Humanity’ at Annual Prayer Breakfast

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“U.S. President Barack Obama says religious faith can help people overcome their fears and embrace their common humanity. Faith is the great cure for fear, Obama told the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, a day after he visited an American mosque for the first time in his presidency.”

This is the great deceptive call that is being proclaimed around the world today …. ‘Lets all unite under our COMMON GOALS and COMMON HUMANITY’. We are being led into this deceptive call to unite for the ‘common good’ due to all the trouble that is in the world. The CREATED threat of ISIS. The global warming scam. Wars, earthquakes, diseases, and all manner of evil in this world is uniting the world and religious leaders under the banner of Satan. But God warned us in the Bible that the world would be like this in the last days, and that the leaders would unite AGAINST the Lord and His people. So we are not to unite with the world in this great ecumenical ploy. And no, Obama is notthe antichrist. The antichrist was revealed hundreds of years ago by the Protestant reformers. THIS IS THE ANTICHRIST TODAY.

There is only ONE leadership we are to unite with in these last days – God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son of God.

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