Obama to force women’s shelter to admit ‘transgender’ men

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Barack Obama is set to finalize a federal rule requiring many women’s shelters to admit men who identify as “transgender,” potentially placing abused women and children at risk of being victimized again.

If enacted, all homeless shelters – including battered women’s shelters – that receive federal funding would have to allow people to use the homeless shelter of the sex with which they identify, regardless of their appearance, anatomy, or the “complaints of other shelter residents.”

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castroproposed the so-called “Equal Access Rule” last October. Media outlets say it will become final next month.

“[T]he provider may not ask questions or otherwise seek information or documentation concerning the person’s anatomy,” nor refuse to allow anyone a bed “because the client’s appearance or behavior does not conform with gender stereotypes,” it reads.

Although the shelter “may consider…whether a particular housing assignment would ensure health and safety” on a “case-by-case basis,” it may not base its decisions solely on the “complaints of other shelter residents.”

“It is likewise prohibited to deny appropriate placement based on a perceived threat to health or safety that can be mitigated some other less burdensome way (e.g., providing the transgender shelter seeker the option to use single-use bathing facilities),” the proposed measure says. Read more at LifeSiteNews

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