Did Obama just prophesy the end of America as we know it?

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Good evening everybody,

It is an honor, to be here at my last (long pause), and perhaps the last, White House Correspondence Dinner.

You all look great, The end of the Republic has never looked better.(laughter)

Those were the exact words of the President’s opening speech. Well of course it is the WHCD and we expect it to have tonnes of jokes. Actually, the joke in this regard would be the President was referring to the Republican Party and the wrangles within.

Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist, but what if the president just told the world what is to come?

It has been highly speculated that Pope Francis could be the last Pope for the Catholic Church as we know it today. His efforts in uniting pagan religions at this moment might be a huge risk for the ‘players’ to trust in a different Pope. If there were a time ready for them to strike up a deal for One World Religion, it is now.

Obama on the other hand has work tirelessly to keep American boots off the ground in Islamic Nations. Even with the atrocities committed by ISIS, Obama refrained from bringing down the work of the Pope and calling them ‘Islamic Militants’. According to Obama, ISIS or ISIL do not represent the Islamic faith. Obama too, like the Pope, called Muslims and Christians brothers and sisters in faith.

The United Kingdom is considering pulling out of the European union, something that just last week, Obama passionately spoke against. One David Icke, a man who has been close to the EU for a long time wrote that Obama defends the EU as it is a blueprint for a one world government.

Again, after Obama, it is highly doubtful if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be as passionate in holding these delicate elements in the formation of their agenda. As such, just like with Pope Francis, it might be a big risk to let Americans go into their elections. And if something catastrophic were to happen, Obama might remain on as the President.

The numbers add up. So while it all maybe nothing but a joke, it just might not. Obama might just have revelled a secret to the entire world and we know not.

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