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Obama looking for false flag to start war with Russia and CNN is helping

Obama looking for false flag to start war with Russia and CNN is helping

Obama issued sanctions against Russia by expelling 35 Russian diplomats and giving them 72hrs to leave the US. He also closed down two Russian compounds in the US.

“These actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior,” President Obama said in a statement, describing the efforts to interfere in the election as a threat to the democratic process.

The administration will soon “be providing a report to Congress in the coming days about Russia’s efforts to interfere in our election, as well as malicious cyber activity related to our election cycle in previous elections,” he said.

In the statement issued by the State Department, Obama cites Russian interference in the election and election cycle. The only claim against Russia so far, has been that Russia provided Wikileaks with thousands of emails from Clinton’s top aid John Podesta.

The emails however revealed tragic levels of corruption in Clinton, the Democratic Party and the Clinton foundation. It showed how they influenced the media by ‘writing questions before hand‘. During interviews, the Clinton campaign would also be given the right answers to say. Other emails showed how she promised or gave out political appointments to donors in her foundation.

And as Haiti felt the rage of Tsunami, many people bluntly told the world to NOT donate through the Clinton Foundation. Apparently, the last time it happened, the Clinton’s took all the money and left a country in pieces.

That was the content of the emails that swayed millions of American voters to vote Trump. During the post election issues, the recounts that happened increased the votes Trump got and during the electoral vote, more would be Clinton voters refused to vote for her than the would be Trump voters.

Russian president Putin, against the advice of his Foreign Minister refused to retaliate against any US diplomats in Russia instead saying all diplomats are free to be in Russia inviting their families for the New Year celebrations. Trump praised the Russian president’s action, so did the rest of the world.


Earlier, CNN cited an unnamed US official who claimed that the Russian authorities ordered the closure of the Anglo-American School of Moscow, attended by children from the US, UK, and Canadian embassy staffs, and a US Embassy vacation house in Serebryany Bor.

The report was quickly picked up by other Western media outlets, which came up with juicy, Star Wars-style headlines for their stories, including “Russia Strikes Back: Moscow Closes US School in Response to Obama Sanctions,” from ABC(the story is now deleted), and “Putin fires back by closing American school and embassy vacation home in Moscow…” from the Daily Mail (Story since deleted from site). Fake story still on Yahoo News as of writing this.


But for the millions of CNN readers and the other ‘media houses’ that Copy Paste CNN stories, the world was told Russian closed down a school.

Obama is up to starting a diplomatic mess with Russia.

Remember before elections every one was scared of a war with Russia. Even Russia had escalated it’s weaponry and started to move their ships in strategic war positions.

Clinton – who Obama supports – had publicly at the US Debate declared if elected, she would have created a No-Fly over Syria. This, according to her was to stop the Syrian government from ‘killing her own citizens’, while she admitted that it would have meant many Syrians would die.

Now that Trump won, Russia and Syria have been able to finally finish that war in Aleppo. The rebels are reported to surrender. While Clinton’s plan would have led to a direct conflict between the US forces (who would have to be on ground) and the Russian forces (who are already on the ground). This would have been a very bad war.

But Obama is not yet done. At least not until the 20th and what is administration is doing are signs that Obama has something against Russia in mind. Problem is, we just have to wait and see which lies they will come up with to start another war.