Offerings Express Love for God

1 min

The church’s financial need is less important than the need for each of us, as children of God, to honor him with our substance. God has given us everything. He is our life, our hope, our future. Giving to him is one of the ways his people worship him and express their thanksgiving for his boundless love and grace.

The church has needs, of course, and the need is great. The church depends on these offerings as an important part of the budget. But our giving is not a response to an obligation of the law. By God’s grace, our giving is an expression of our love for God, our thankfulness for his grace and love through Jesus Christ.

Our God has transformed us by his grace. And because he is our God, and because he has planted his love in our hearts, our souls long for him. We desire to gather in grateful adoration and worship of the One who has saved us and given us a future and undying hope. Today, we gather to worship him as his children. We gather to praise the name of Jesus with no obligation to the law of Moses.

And we give our offerings not out of obligation to the law, but from worshipful hearts of adoration for our Lord and Savior, and because we are committed to the work of his gospel that we are called and commanded to do.

Friends, God has given us the greatest gift he could have given — his Son. He has blessed us beyond what anyone imagined. The offerings are an opportunity to put our hearts into the work he is doing among us. Let us pray that the offering will not be a disappointing one, and that God will inspire all of us to put our treasure where our hearts are.

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