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Kenya as a society has failed terribly in protecting the child being too focused on political and tribal affiliations that we have let so many crucial areas of the society run undeterred creating their own rules as they go. With political vested interests in these sectors i.e. media, transportation, insurance, real estate it is no wonder that little progress has been done in promoting the services of these sectors.

Our children are caught in this in a  most unfortunate way that requires we all take a pause and face the truth. Looking at the media today a ‘reflection’ of what society is all about makes any sensible person shudder at the kind of future this children will grow up to.

From morning, when couples call the radio stations to expose their most private secrets with the presenters nagging them to reveal the ‘juicy’ bedroom stories and affairs, to midday and early afternoons when the presenters turn to love doctors ‘hooking up’ strangers in the name of love, to late afternoons when the couples are busted and more are hooked up.

Literally the whole day is spend navigating the sex topic from all imaginary angles at the behest of the presenter to get the most listeners which turn to higher advertising rates.

The problem is children are caught up in this unending torrent of sexual talks and marriages gone bad that any small incident at home scares the children out. These children have been exposed to adult content at such early ages that the fruits of a society gone rogue can be clearly depicted in early pregnancies, sexual activity and vulgar language we now find in them.

Okoa Mtoto is an initiative of returning some normalcy to the system. We are not against the airing of these programs nor about couples have have given up in making their marriages a private affair yapping all day to the public,  we just want that they do that away from the ears of the children.

Am sure if you are a parent you will agree with me that today most programs even if you were in a matatu, you will have a tough day listening and looking at a small kid in the same vehicle, yours or not. Parents have not failed in proper upbringing of their children, it is unfortunate that this happens when parents least have have control over what they listen to.

Okoa Mtoto hopes to bring this control back to parents. If the government can enact appropriate laws so that programs that will discuss adult content be aired at night, then parents will have control on whether to turn of the radio or TV, to ask the children go to bed, listen with their headphones or listen with their children but in a way where they tone down the discussion for the benefit of the children.

This is a very achievable goal that we hope will bring more confidence and mature family friendly topics to the radios and Tvs during the day. And you can help.

All you need do is sign this petition and Like our Facebook page

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