End times headlinesHow Paganism was married into Christianity

How Paganism was married into Christianity


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Catholicism: A mixture of Paganism with Christianity

This religion, Roman Catholicism, is a mixture of Pagan rituals, customs, and beliefs. In its early years as a Pagan Roman Empire, as it rose to power it adopted Christianity through Constantine the first Pope (Read about Constantine in the books, “Sabotage?” pp. 19-20, and The Godfathers, pg. 7, both by Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera) in the effort to unite both paganism and Christianity in one fold, therefore increasing its members and its riches:

“The use of temples, and these dedicated to particular saints, and ornamented on occasions with branches of trees; incense, lamps, and candles; votive offerings on recovery from illness; holy water; asylums; holydays and seasons, use of calendars, processions, blessings on the fields; sacerdotal vestments, the tonsure, the ring in marriage, turning to the East, images at a later date, …the ecclesiastical chant, and the Kyrie Eleison, are all of pagan origin, and sanctified by their adoption into the Church. {374}” -An Essay on the “The Development of the Christian Doctrine John Henry “Cardinal Newman” p.359 (Also see According to Dr. E. D. Clarke, Travels, vol. i. p. 352.)

“Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen… for the customs of the people are vain, one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.” -Jeremiah 10:1-4.

“Confiding then in the power of Christianity to resist the infection of evil, and to transmute the instruments and appendages of demon worship to an evangelical use… the rulers of the church from early times were prepared should occasion arise, to adopt, or imitate, or sanction the existing rites and customs of the (Pagan) populace.” -Development of Christian Doctrine, Cardinal Newman. p. 372.

“The mighty Catholic Church was little more then the Roman Empire baptized.”– A. C, Flick, The Rise of the Mediaeval Church, 1909 edition, p. 148.

“This compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the development of ‘the man of sin’ foretold in prophecy as opposing and exalting himself above God. That gigantic system of false religion is a masterpiece of Satan’s power–a monument of his efforts to seat himself upon the throne to rule the earth according to his will. –The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan, pg. 50.

One of the biggest things that helped unite paganism with Christianity was the acceptance of the first day of the week as the day of religious worship in place of the true Sabbath, and the law Constantine decreed to enforce its observance. This was the day the pagans gathered to worship their sun gods:

“This Sunday law constituted no real favoritism to Christianity… It is evident from all his statuatory provisions that the Emperor during the time 313-323 with full consciousness has sought the realization of his religious aim: the amalgamation of heathenism and Christianity.” -Dr. A.Chr. Bang – Kirken og Romerstaten (The Church and the Roman State) p.256. Christiania, 1879.

Millions of people were deceived into believing that this movement was of God, now the persecutions under the Emperor Nero was at an end, and behold, the Emperor Constantine has converted to Christianity! Gullible Christians fell for this deception, but thousands of others understood this to be the antichrist foretold by prophecy.

Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera, who was in the inner library of the Vatican studying methods on how to best infiltrate and destroy the Christian churches, learned how Constantine had LIED about his conversion in order to unite paganism and Christianity so that his riches can be increased! Alberto says that he was still “secretly” worshiping his Babylonian sun god BAAL also called “Sol” (see Four Horsemen, Alberto Rivera, pg. 19, and Sabotage, pg. 19). Dr. Rivera says, “When Constantine set himself up as the first pope… he tried to pull Romans and Christians together by mixing Satanic Baal worship with the teachings of Christ. What came out of this mess was the Roman Catholic system.” See The Godfathers, page 7. “Dei Solis,” which is the day of the Sun, and Image worship were introduced into the churches. In order for this to happen, the 2nd commandment was ripped out of the Ten Commandments and the 4th was shortened to only say, “Remember the Lord’s day.” Written thus, ANY day can be the Sabbath, and the day chosen was the day of Baal… SUNday!

You can still notice the many sun symbols and rituals within this apostate church, like Sunday observance, the sun rings over the heads of the statues, the ‘plus’ sign on the baked cakes and her wafer she claims is literally God, etc. (most of these of which were adopted by the infiltrated protestant churches; they are seen in the churches today).

“In order to attach to Christianity great attraction in the eyes of the nobility, the priests adopted the outer garments and adornments which were used in pagan cults.” -Life of Constantine, Eusabius, cited in Altai-Nimalaya, p. 94

“The Church did everything it could to stamp out such ‘pagan’ rites, but had to capitualet and allow the rites to continue with only the name of the local diety changed to some Christian saint’s name.” -Religious Tradition and Myth. Dr. Edwin Goodenough, Professor of Religion, Harvard University. p. 56, 57

The Pagans, who were already accustomed to worshiping images, flocked in by the thousands! Paul in Rome already saw these things happening, and constantly warned with tears in his eyes of this soon coming abomination within the churches (Romans 16:17-18; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-5, Philippians 3:18-19)!

The Pagans also worshiped a goddess who they called the queen of heaven. She was called Diana by the heathens, Isis by the Egyptians and Semiramis by the Babylonians (see “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop, and “Sabotage?” by Alberto Rivera.). This goddess was one of the most powerful of the deities, right below Baal the sun-god (who was supposed to be her son).

“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour our drink offerings unto other gods.” -Jeremiah 7:18

“From ancient Babylon came the cult of the virgin mother-goddess, who was worshiped as the highest of gods” -see S. H. Langdon, Semitic Mythology, 1931 edition.

This too was adopted into the church, and her name was changed to the “Virgin Mary.”

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  1. I don’t even have to read this whole thing. You are patently wrong on many points. First, Constatine was never a pope. Second, Peter was the first pope. Third, Constantine made Christianity legal. Fourth, your first statement is patently false. The Catholic Church is not a religion of pagan rituals. If you require explanation, please ask me. Stop spreading lies. Become informed.

    • Catholic religion is full of pagan rituals. How about Christmas or Easter? Catholics don’t observe the 7 feast days commanded in the bible, if fact most Christian religions don’t making them no better than Catholics!

    • You are not informed, you are misled, you need to research the so called catholic church and the first religous pontiff called poppa (pope) constatine. But the truth is even if you did research and found out the truth you would not believe simply because you just dont want to , because you dont want to humble yourself and let go your belief in what you believe. So keep your comments to yourself .

    • Peter was never the pope of anything a Roman lie to establish credibility. The Babylonian/Catholic indoctrination Kool aid is potent and artificially sweetened by Satan himself, that’s why you guys have a throne set-aside for him inside the Vatican read your bible If you guys are going to give glory to anybody that would even call them selves an apostle it would have to be Paul Catholics and protestant by the way our budding back up together and Edomites are not of the kadoshim Of HaShem esp embracing western version of the mystery religion REPENT


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