‘Palestinian’ Cleric: Muslims Who Die For Allah Get Virgins In Paradise

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Palestinian-Jordanian cleric Sheikh Mashhoor bin Hasan Al-Salman has added an eternal supply of Viagra to men who die for Allah.  Note, however, that for a female Muslim to enjoy the sexual companionship of the one model she gets in Paradise, she must marry him and become his slave.  A woman’s place in Islamism is at the end of a chain, even in Paradise.

Here are a few screenshots, with the translation by MEMRI.  A man gets 70 virgins (Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’ promised a hundred), but here is what a woman gets.

All the men receive an eternal supply of Viagra from the Mack Daddy, excuse me, Allah:

This means that the Muslim woman must share her husband with more than seventy other women.  An unmarried Muslim woman gets a powerful male slave with an eternal erection, but if she wishes to enjoy him, she must marry him and become his slave:

Well, that’s Islam for you.

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