Pastor Mack Charles Andrews Gets 15 Years for Raping Young Girls

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THOMASVILLE, ALABAMA: We give God thanks that another predator has been removed from the pulpit and is now in prison.

Mack Charles Andrews pleaded guilty to multiple charges of raping, sexually abusing, and sodomizing young girls.  He was arrested in October 2013 on these charges and was scheduled to go on trial this week.  His plea bargain included a 15 year prison sentence.  Andrews could have faced life in prison had the case gone to trial.

Andrews’ criminal past went back nearly 30 years to when he was a licensed pastor in the United Pentecostal Church during the late 1980s.  Andrews was listed as a licensed minister in the organization from 1987 to 2000.  One of the victims went public in September and shared how Andrews raped her on her father’s grave, a story confirmed by Andrews; Andrews claimed that if the victim was quiet he’d place flowers on her father’s grave.  Four of the victims agreed to the plea deal as they did not want to go through a public trial.

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