Pastor refuses to step down after confessing he had AIDS and slept with church members

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In this day and age, anything bizarre you see in social media, hear over the radio and by word of mouth, is set to surprise you but not when a pastor who has been preaching for 24 years confesses to his congregation of his numerous affairs and a positive HIV status. That turns to utter shock!

Pastor Juan McFarland of Shiloh Baptist Missionary Church, decided to shock the world when he confessed during a Sunday service of his relations with numerous women and of hiding his status of being HIV positive which he was well aware of. As if that was not enough, McFarland dropped another bombshell that he was a drug user.

According to, the deacons of the church voted to fire him but McFarland refused to leave changing the building’s locks and switched bank accounts to his name before returning to the pulpit on October 12th. This is before James Long, vice chair of board of trustees, affirmed he will be commanding the pulpit on October 14th.

The deacons did not waste time and filed a law suit accusing him of “debauchery, sinfulness, hedonism, sexual misconduct, dishonesty, thievery and rejection of the Ten Commandments.”

Not everything is wrong with the world but in this case, everything seems to be wrong with it. By this point am not alone when I ask myself, where is this world heading to?

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