Pastors now want AK47 rifles for defense

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Replica_AK47” Christian” leaders now want guns to protect themselves against extrimist aggression. This come in the face of the recent attacks at some pastors in Mombasa. The pastors made the calls to the government to arm them with AK47 rifles for self defence.

This means they would want to use them to kill in self defense oblivious of God’s commandment #7; ” Thou shalt not kill” This is also in ignorance of the core tenet of Christianity which is forgiveness. That if slapped in the right turn the left too. But they seek retaliation and revenge. They ignore that God Himself has commanded that if man guards his house on his own without God guarding it he does so in vain. <!-more–>

They forget that Daniel was in a den of lions for a whole night yet the lions never harmed him. That the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, that emphasizes on trusting in God even in the den of lions is nothing to these “christian” leaders. Last year bandits attacked a church in Garissa killed the police in guard and sprayed bullets on unsuspecting worshipers. That didn’t ring a bell in the heads of these “christian” leaders that only God trusted and worshiped in faith can offer true protection.

The bible is vast with examples of leaders who walked into the face of danger to proclaim the word of God. Christ himself knowing too well the danger ahead of him kept walking. He forbade his disciples from raising weapons against the very people that came to arrest him. He even goes a mile further to heal someone who lost his ear telling his disciple if fear was his motivation he could command thousands of angels at his defense.


Instead of turning to God for true protection they turn to government and now to themselves. This means they have elevated these useless wicked earthly governments to a position of God Himself. Instead of governments turning to Christian for God’s favor the reverse is true. What a paradox! Now true Christians, if there is any left on earth, what more evidence do you need to realize these so mushroomed churches and their clergy are leaders unto doom and wickedness! These wicked church leaders masquerading as Christians only fear he who just kills the body instead of fearing one who will kill both the body and soul! Repent and follow proper Christian doctrines instead of being obsessed with materialism.

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