Pennsylvania Man Faces Charge After Being Caught by Police in Women’s Restroom Stall

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QUARRYVILLE, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man is facing an invasion of privacy charge after he was caught by police in the women’s restroom, and is believed to have been using his phone to look above and underneath the stalls.

According to reports, a 10-year-old girl who had used the restroom at the Sheetz convenient store in Quarryville told her mother that there was a man in the room and that he had been holding his cell phone over the top of the adjoining stall. Her mother had been waiting just outside of the restroom door.

When police arrived, they found James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, in the stall of the women’s restroom. Employees said he had been in the room for approximately an hour.

“Upon arrival Sgt. Roland Breault found the suspect, James Thomas Shoemaker, 19-year-old male, inside of a bathroom stall in the women’s bathroom. Shoemaker was found to be in possession of a phone as described by the victim,” a press release from the Lancaster Bureau of Police outlines.

Police state that Shoemaker told them that he had used his phone to see if there was anyone in the stall next to him. He had been in the women’s restroom looking at pornographic images on his phone.

“Further investigation revealed that Shoemaker intentionally went into the women’s bathroom, and that while in the women’s bathroom he used his phone to access pornographic images on his web browser,” the press release explained.

“Shoemaker then used his phone’s camera to look over the stall to see into the adjoining stall that was occupied by the victim. The suspect also used his phone/camera to look under the stall door to see if anyone else was in the women’s bathroom,” it said. Full Report

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