Pennsylvania Student Charged With Planning to Shoot Up High School Graduation

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An 18-year-old Pennsylvania student was arrested Tuesday for threatening to conduct a mass shooting at his high school’s graduation — the latest in a string of student arrests across the country after the massacre in a Florida high school killed 17. Jacob Deneen, a Shade-Central City High School student, confessed to plotting the school shooting with two other students at this year’s graduation ceremony, WJAC-TV reported.

He has been charged with making terroristic threats and causing or risking catastrophe. Shade-Central City High School had already received such a threat on Friday. Cops arrested a 17-year-old student on Sunday after family members told the police he was planning to shoot up the high school, according to WJAC. In Foley, Ala., police arrested an eighth-grade student Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to gun down Foley Middle School before the end of the year. The teen was charged with making terroristic threats.

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