Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: “We Would Never” Stop Doing Abortions

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Here is Richard’s interview with CNN:

CNN: But I understand, the white House, they did make an offer to allow Planned Parenthood to preserve its funding, if it stopped providing abortions, an offer which you rejected. A, were you surprised that they reached out with that offer? And did you give it any real consideration?

Richards: Well, first of all, they never did reach out with that offer. I read about it in the paper like everybody else.

CNN: So there was no official offer?

Richards: Anderson — never. Never. But it’s important to understand that, you know, we see 2.5 million patients in this country every year. One in five women in the country have been to us for health care. We’re here to serve women, provide them all the health care they need, that includes birth control and cancer screenings and safe and legal abortion access. And we would never trade away the rights of women or the rights of women to access full reproductive health care for this kind of proposed deal.

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