Planned Parenthood Rejects Trump Compromise on Funding: Abortion ‘Vital to Our Mission’

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The Donald Trump administration has told the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, that it can maintain its hundreds of millions of dollars in annual federal funding as long as it stops performing abortions altogether.

According to The New York Times, the White House has issued Planned Parenthood an informal compromise that would preserve the organization’s federal funding, most of which could be stripped should legislation unveiled on Monday that would repeal major components of Obamacare be passed by Congress and signed into law.

The Times reports that Planned Parenthood, which conducts over 300,000 abortions every year, would have to stop doing abortions completely in order to keep its federal assistance under Trump. Under President Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood was receiving over $500 million per year in federal funding.

Considering there are laws in place that prevent federal funds from being used to conduct abortions, Planned Parenthood officials have maintained that those funds are used for its other health services, such as cancer screenings and contraception.

Although the proposal was never formally offered, Planned Parenthood officials have strongly rejected such a proposal.
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