Police Arrest Eleven in San Antonio, Texas Found to be Partaking in Grotesque Satanic Ritual

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Police were called to the scene of a San Antonio residence and discovered nearly a dozen people partaking in what appears to be a satanic ritual. An anonymous individual called authorities after hearing sounds of animals in distress.

Authorities were dispatched at or around 7 pm to the 11400 block of Bronze Sand Road, San Antonio, Texas. Allegedly, neighbors reported to police that animals were being slaughtered with knives.

After arriving on the scene, authorities reported that roughly a dozen people were apparently engaging in what the detained call a religious sacrifice. However, as reported by Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez, the officers on scene witnessed a woman dismembering an animal of unknown origins, while another individual was found to be draining chickens’ blood into a container.

Sgt. Gonzalez’s stated that it appeared as though the individuals were engaging in some sort of ritual. Video

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