Police officer ‘saves countless lives’ after grabbing suicide bomber in ‘bear hug’ sacrifice in explosion which killed 14 people

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A brave Afghan police officer sacrificed himself to save countless lives by wrapping his arms around a suicide bomber.

Lieutenant Sayed Pacha, 25, saw a man wearing a suicide vest running toward a crowd in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He shouted ‘stop’ but when the man carried on he wrapped him in a bear hug.

The bomb exploded and the pair were blown to pieces. Fourteen were killed and 18 injured but the toll would have been higher without Pacha’s bravery.

Police spokesperson Basir Mujahed told the New York Times that seven police and 11 civilians were among the injured.

He said: ‘He’s a hero, he saved many lives. All seven of those policemen are heroes, but especially him.

‘Just think if that suicide attacker got past the gate, what would have happened — you cannot even imagine.’

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

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