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Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Joint Declaration Speaks Of “New World”

Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Joint Declaration Speaks Of “New World”

The head of the pagan Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis and the head of the Pagan Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill met in Cuba recently in a series of high profile ‘unions’ that the Jesuit Pope has been pursuing over time. In these meetings his agenda has been uniting the pagan religions in which he has made some daring declarations recently.

Among them, the Pope has claimed Muslims and Christians are brothers and sisters and that we all people of major religions pray to the same God. Well of cause we do not pray to the same God, and of course we are ALL NOT God’s children.

The following are excerpts from a joint declaration in the recent meeting that will give you a glimpse of what the Pope is planning. Our comments are in brackets and italics. For purposes of covering major points we will summarize, you can read the full script on the link below.

Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

2. Our fraternal meeting has taken place in Cuba, at the crossroads of North and South, East and West. It is from this island, the symbol of the hopes of the “New World”… (it is clear what the declaration is for. A New World. But of what? Let us see)

3. By meeting far from the longstanding disputes of the “Old World”, we experience with a particular sense of urgency the need for the shared labour of Catholics and Orthodox, …. (In other words, looking at the Christian persecution-which they started, they feel it is very important to unite the Catholic and Orthodox christians)

4.  We share the same spiritual Tradition of the first millennium of Christianity. The witnesses of this Tradition are the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, and the saints we venerate… (They share the same pagan doctrines like veneration of the dead).

5. We have been divided by wounds caused by old and recent conflicts, by differences inherited from our ancestors, in the understanding and expression of our faith in God, one in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Did you get that? Differences inherited by ancestors…the differences in doctrine that led to the Dark ages).

8. Our gaze must firstly turn to those regions of the world where Christians are victims of persecution. (The angel of darkness comes as a messenger of peace. We all know they formed Islam we all know they started Christian persecution. This is a false plot to unite Christians).

11. We lift our prayers to Christ, the Saviour of the world, asking for the return of peace in the Middle East, “the fruit of justice” (Is 32:17), so that fraternal co–existence among the various populations, Churches and religions may be strengthened, enabling refugees to return to their homes, wounds to be healed, and the souls of the slain innocent to rest in peace. (Again using a false pretext as messengers of peace but the real motive is to unite pagan religions)

24. Orthodox and Catholics are united not only by the shared Tradition of the Church of the first millennium, but also by the mission to preach the Gospel of Christ in the world today. This mission entails mutual respect for members of the Christian communities and excludes any form of proselytism. (refers to the attempt of any religion or religious individuals to convert people to their beliefs, or any attempt to convert people to a different point of view, religious or not. In other words this Declaration forbids a catholic trying to convince an orthodox to become one or vice versa because they are ONE).

We are not competitors but brothers, and this concept must guide all our mutual actions as well as those directed to the outside world. We urge Catholics and Orthodox in all countries to learn to live together in peace and love.

25. It is our hope that our meeting may also contribute to reconciliation wherever tensions exist between Greek Catholics and Orthodox. (bringing more to the mix)

27. It is our hope that the schism between the Orthodox faithful in Ukraine may be overcome through existing canonical norms, that all the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine may live in peace and harmony, and that the Catholic communities in the country may contribute to this, in such a way that our Christian brotherhood may become increasingly evident.(This is called ‘burying the hatchet. Whatever doctrinal differences are simply swept under the carpet for this union to work).

Bishop of Rome
Pope of the Catholic Church

Patriarch of Moscow
and all Russia

12 February 2016, Havana (Cuba)

Now friend. Did you see what is veiled in his efforts? Once you sign up a declaration of unity, every one comes in with their baggage. The Catholic with the rosary and the sculpture, the Muslim with the prayer bead, no genuine turning away from sin.

Then another condition is, once united, you bury the hatchet. You simply forget that the Bible says this is wrong and accept that other religion as is and make it your partner. Sounds like a mother gathering her children together.

Whether your boy turned out a rapist or a politician, whether your girl became a drug peddler or police man, yous imply bring them home for a family re-union and as long as they are in that home, the rapist can rape, the politician can campaign, the drug peddler can sell drugs, everything else remains the same. The conditional clause is, the rapist can not preach to the politician or the police to the drug peddler. Get it?

Is that what God’s religion is? God’s Christianity is build around a genuine repentance and a turning away from sin. It involves holding the Bible as the sole authority of your faith to guide your paths along the right way. Holding all the ten commandments as given to Moses and not even for a moment faltering in ministering to the world about the precious truths of salvation.