Pope Francis Calls For ‘Christian Unity’ Asks For ‘Forgiveness’ For ‘Killing Protestants’

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The Catholic Church was behind the killing of more than 50 million people during the dark ages a stark history that is a nudging reminder of what this system really is. Back then, owning a bible or writing an article as this was a criminal offence that was met with the capital sentence.

Unfortunately, many of the dead were never really ‘tried’ with legal counsel. Not that one needs to be tried for sharing the love of Christ. The Popes ensured that the ‘criminals’ were not accorded legal counsel during their alleged trial, which was simply put, a torture. And not torture as you would have it, but the kind of torture that would give the CIA a good name.

It was during this time that the Protestant reformation arose. Unfortunately again, the protestants have ceased ‘protesting’ accepting the very doctrines the early christians died fighting against. Today, the protestant movement cannot really apply to the mainstream churches as there is simply nothing that they protest.

The following excerpt is from Vatican Radio during a Walk of Unity vespers that was presided over by Pope Francis.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis asked for ‘mercy and forgiveness’ for the way Christians have behaved towards each other, saying we cannot let the weight of past faults continue to contaminate our relationships. The Pope’s words came in his homily at an ecumenical celebration of Vespers on Monday evening in the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls marking the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. In his prepared remarks, the Holy Father (blasphemy!!!!!) focused on the need for divided Christian communities to walk together in the way of the Lord, in the knowledge that unity is a gift of heaven and in the understanding that all service rendered to the cause of the one Gospel builds up the one true Church and gives glory to the one Lord, Jesus Christ.

“While we journey together toward full communion,” said Pope Francis, “we can begin already to develop many forms of cooperation in order to favor the spread of the Gospel – and walking together, we become aware that we are already united in the name of the Lord.”

Pope Francis placed his reflections in the key of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, saying that as Bishop of Rome, he wanted “to ask for forgiveness for the behaviour of Catholics towards Christians of other Churches” which has not reflected Gospel values. At the same time, he said, “I invite all Catholics to forgive if they – today or in the past – have been offended by other Christians”. “In this extraordinary Jubilee year of mercy, we must always keep in mind that there cannot be an authentic search for Christian unity without trusting fully in the Father’s mercy,” he said. “God’s mercy,” the Pope said, “will renew our relationships.”

Pope Francis told representatives of the other Christian Churches and communities present in the Basilica that we can make progress on the path to full visible communion “not only when we come closer to each other, but above all as we convert ourselves to the Lord”. At the start of Vespers, the Pope invited Orthodox Metropolitan Gennadios, representing the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and Anglican Archbishop David Moxon to walk with him through the Holy Door of the Basilica, while at the end of the celebration he invited them to join him in giving the final blessing.”

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  1. what a scam . Pope is a cunning fox ,willing to ask forgiveness as long as he doesn’t have to surrender any of his power , He is acquiescing to globalists in his attempt to create a one world order of believers that he is ruling over .This is disgusting ! The agenda for a one world Jew Order is alive and well and the Jesuit pope is all in in the evil wicked plot to create a global society that he himself and his successors will rule. Don’t take the bait . Millions of faith-filled authentic naive Christians are being played as fools . People go to jail for murder . Over the dark ages the catholic church was responsible for the death of over 50 million people ! And now this Jesuit wants to consolidate his power by setting up a sting to capture as many sheep into his Satan controlled fold . Not me , not ever , This pope has a very evil agenda , masquerading as an angel of light . The bible warns us about such imposters!

    1. Very true. But well, imagine how Blind the world is. Hundreds of people are being converted to catholicism everyday. God is truly patient that indeed everyone should here the Three Angel’s Message First.