Pope Francis ‘Looses It’ To A Mexican Crowd, Rebukes Them

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In a rare loss of composure, Pope Francis has shouted at a crowd in Mexico, after he was pulled and almost fell over.

A video has emerged showing Pope Francis in a rare display of public anger, after members of the public almost pulled him to the ground in Mexico.

pope-francis-mexico-angry The Jesuit pontiff was meeting the public during his visit in the western city of Morelia on Tuesday when the crowd surged towards him, pulling at his sleeve.

Francis stumbled and was dragged forwards into the audience, causing concern for members of his security detail.

And once he had regained his balance, the pope himself issued an angry rebuke to the perpetrators, ordering them to let go and shouting: “Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish.”

The event continued for a few minutes while an announcement was issued over the tannoy urging people not to crowd together too closely, before Francis beat a retreat – possibly swifter than usual.

I like the example of Christ, a woman sick for 12yrs touched His flock and that Glory of our Lord healed her instantly.

Pope Francis would want us to believe he is the ‘official representative of Christ on earth’ and that pagan church has led millions of people to believe their is some sort of healing with this man. While people are busy searching the internet looking for the Ugly looking Antichrist, the real Antichrist is walking around the world.

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