Pope Francis ‘Opens Door Of Mercy’ For Jubilee Year, Find Out What That Means

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Pope Francis pushed opened the huge bronze Holy Door of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome to launch the Catholic Church’s “Year of Mercy”.

Tens of thousands attended a Mass in St Peter’s Square for the start of the Pope’s “revolution of tenderness”.

It took place place amid tight security with extra police and soldiers deployed, and a no-fly zone imposed.

Under the year’s theme of mercy, the Pope has said priests can absolve women who have had abortions.

During the jubilee celebrations, one of the most important events in the Roman Catholic Church, pilgrims travel to Rome and religious sites around the world.

At the end of the Mass, Francis opened the basilica’s Holy Door. He said that by passing through it, Catholics should take on the role of the Good Samaritan.

In a tradition that dates back to the 1500s, the pope will open the Holy Doors at St. Peter’s to signal the start of the special year. Tradition states that parishioners must use one of the Holy Doors in the four Basilicas of Rome to receive their indulgences for sin and reconciliation with Christ. Francis did away with that tradition, however, encouraging Catholics around the world to walk through any door to symbolically start the year.

Oh what blasphemy for any sinful, mortal human to say that he will do that which ONLY GOD can do. This is antichrist friends! Jesus said in Revelation 3:8 that it was HE that opened a door for us, which no man can shut. In 1844 Jesus CLOSED the door to the holy place and OPENED the door to the most holy place in heaven, to begin the time of judgment. Jesus has given us DIRECT access to the throne of God and the mercy of God.


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