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Pope Francis Sends Top Vatican Official To Russia To Build Relationship With Orthodox Church

Pope Francis Sends Top Vatican Official To Russia To Build Relationship With Orthodox Church

The Vatican Secretary of State is scheduled to visit Russia later this month in what is deemed to be a meeting of both political and religious significance, increasing the stakes for the pagan Catholic Church’s plan to unite world religions and powers.

He is expected to meet with President Vladimir Putin and leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church during the trip.

On a political level, the visit of Cardinal Pietro Parolin – the dates of which have yet to be announced – comes as Russia faces rising tensions with the West over Syria and Ukraine, and possible meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Just this week the U.S. slapped Russia with more economic sanctions due to Russia’s involvement in the election. The decision prompted Putin to expell 755 people from its U.S. embassy and consulates.

On a religious level, Cardinal Parolin’s visit also comes at a key time, falling just a year and a half after the historic February 2016, meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The meeting marked the first time leaders from each Church sat down together since the Russian Orthodox Church was founded some 400 years ago.

“On the world scene there is no more important and more significant relationship right now than that between Russia and the West,” seasoned Vatican analyst Robert Moynihan told CNA. So for the Vatican “to bring the highest diplomatic figure to the center of Russia and to have him speak with the highest authorities is a dramatic and significant gesture on the part of Pope Francis.”


Since he took over from Pope Benedict, Pope Francis has been working day and night to unite world religions under one banner and evidently the bigger the ‘other church’ the bigger the effort.

The pope has so far meet with Muslims, Orthodox leaders, Methodists, Evangelicals, Ecumenicals, Lutherans, and his message has been the same across the board. We are all children of God. He even apealed to the homosexuals and atheists, first saying they are welcome in heaven and also preaching that one does not really have to believe in a doctrine to be a christian, 

Last year he released an infamous video calling on the worlds religions to unite saying that in all the different paths or ways, we all ‘worship the same God’. Of course it’s not true, but again, that is the core of his message. Uniting pagan religions under one banner.

You can see why this meeting has huge stakes for the Pope in bringing the Orthodox church, and Russia under his banner. Read Here what Putin said about the Pope.