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Pope Francis to Global Christian Forum: ‘I am united with you’

Pope Francis to Global Christian Forum: ‘I am united with you’

Pope Francis sent greetings to the participants of the Global Christian Forum meeting in Colombia. Fr Juan Usma-Gomez, attending the meeting on behalf of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity read the Pope’s message yesterday. The gathering was in its 3rd of a 5 day meeting with the theme “Let mutual love continue” (Hebrews 13:1).

The Pope said that he was uniting himself with the participants. He recognizes the event as a graced opportunity giving the representatives of various Christian communities the possibility of joining together as brothers and sisters to fulfill Jesus’ prayer of unity.

Pope Francis said he was praying that the meeting might provide time for the “sharing of experiences and faith,” both personal and ecclesial in an “open and respectful” space. “Humanity greatly needs this solidarity,” he said, “which encourages respect, esteem, mutual pardon, and the real defense of human dignity in every situation.”

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The Global Christian Forum has provided the Catholic Church with the opportunity to do what they failed to with the sword.

During the dark ages, the same idea was tried, to bring by sword all individuals under the banner of the Catholic Church for worship.

Reading scriptures was prohibited and speaking ill of the catholic church was heresy punishable by death.

While the catholic church has not changed, it now accomplishes the same efforts of uniting the christendom in the pretext of peace and unity.

As above in his speech, the Pope focuses more on mutual pardon, respect and sharing experiences of faith but does not support a thorough due diligence study of the Bible especially the revelations of Daniel and John as applies to present times.

The Adventist Church, the only voice that would have opposed the papacy, by joining the Global Christian Forum has rescinded her role.

It is unfortunate that the core truths of the Bible, the books of Revelation and Daniel are now shunned in favor of a united Christian world.