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After the deadly attacks in Paris claimed by Islamic State militants, Pope Francis said on Sunday that using God’s name to justify violence was sacrilege.

“I want to firmly repeat that the path of violence and hate does not resolve humanity’s problems, and using the name of God to justify this path is blasphemy,” the pope told thousands of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square.

“Such barbarism leaves us stunned and we ask ourselves how the heart of man could plan and execute such horrible acts, which shocked not only France but the whole world,” he said.

Good message right? But for Christians we need to look at the subtle things that go missed.

We have done countless research and written here on Allah the god of Islam and God, the God of christianity. Whereas, someone who is natively Arabic will still call God Allah, but in doctrine their is a very big difference between the two.

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Fourthly, Muslims believe that Allah of the Quran is the same as God the Father of the Holy Bible since they do not believe in God the Son, Jesus Christ, nor in God the Holy Spirit who to Muslims is the angel Gabriel. This again causes a problem since if Allah is indeed the same Person as God the Father then the Quran is wrong in saying that Christians believe that the Father is the third of three. Christians teach that the Father is the FirstPerson of the One True Godhead, not the third deity of three gods.

Christians do not believe that Allah is the Messiah, or that God is the Messiah since this implies that Jesus is the entire Godhead, which would be modalism. The correct and biblical statement is that Jesus is God, since this suggests that although Jesus is fully God by nature he is not the only Person who shares the essence of Deity perfectly. The Bible also teaches that both the Father and the Holy Spirit are fully God.

We are well aware that the name Allah is used by Arab speaking Christians for the God of the Bible. In fact, the root from which the name is derived, ilah, stems from the ancient Semitic languages, corresponding to the Mesopotamian IL, as well as the Hebrew-Aramaic EL, as in Ishma-el, Immanu-el, Isra-el. These terms were often used to refer to any deity worshiped as a high god, especially the chief deity amongst a pantheon of lesser gods. As such, the Holy Bible uses the term as just one of the many titles for Yahweh, the only true God.

Yet the problem arises from the fact that Muslims insist that Allah is not a title, but the personal name of the God of Islam. This becomes problematic since according to the Holy Bible the name of the God of Abraham is Yahweh/Jehovah, not Allah:

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Now this one Pope in his statement seemed to agree and yet differ with ISIS. He agreed with them on ‘sharing a god’, but disagreed on using that God to pursue a path of violence.

The God of the Bible is not one of confusion. We cannot claim that all people are of different faiths but worship the same God. I doubt God will be a director that created different departments of faiths, and gave people the power to breakdown the departments further. (For example, Muslims can be broken down to Shia and Suni, Christianity is broken down to Catholicism and Protestantism etc)…

God is the God of order. The God that would stand with one family rather than a whole city. A God that would use a few hundred people to take down hundreds of thousands of fake alters and gods. That God has not changed His position. He remains the One True God.

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