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Pope’s US Visit Update : The World Wonders After The Beast

Pope’s US Visit Update : The World Wonders After The Beast


Perhaps New York governor Andrew Cuomo said it best: “Pope Francis is important to the Catholics that are in this state. But Pope Francis really has transcended just Catholics, just Christians. You have people of all different religions who have been captured by Pope Francis.” He continues, “His Holiness has captured the imagination of the entire world, Catholic believers and non-believers and people of all faiths.”

Most telling, Cuomo states, “Yes, he’s an incredibly compelling personality and communicator. But it’s his ideas that are actually calling people to a different kind of world order. And I think when he comes here, to a country he’s never been to before, and talks before the United States Congress, I think it’s going to be one of those moments that we look back on and say this is a moment where American society and politics started to change.”

Timothy Cardinal Dolan explains it like this: “Ubi Petrus ibi ecclesia,” which is Latin for, “Where Peter is, there is the church.” He adds, “There is, I am sure, an element of wanting to get an up-close look at this ‘rock star’ Pope who has so captured the world’s imagination and interest. After all, he was Time magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’ and he graced the cover of Rolling Stone — hardly where one expects to see the Bishop of Rome. There is no denying that he is a ‘celebrity.’”

As Pope Francis completes his visit in Cuba and prepares for a first-time trip to the United States, the wave of interest in this man continues to grow. Does America need a visit from the Bishop of Rome right now? Is he truly the representative of the apostle Peter and representative of Christ on earth? Is he actually the head of a state or the leader of a church? Do the teachings he upholds stand in unison or contradiction with the Bible?

Before you wonder over this popular man, it is worth a moment of your time to consider his message, his position, and his teachings. As he prepares to land in the USA and dazzle the crowds, turn your attention to the Scriptures. Read about the history and prophecy of end-time powers. The Word of God warns that before Christ returns, all the world will “marvel” after a human (Revelation 13:3). Are we seeing this today? Prayerfully reflect on where our attention should be focused in these last days.

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This article was first published on Revelation Mistery