Popular pastor found dead in worshipper’s house

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A popular pastor with a protestant church collapsed and died in a woman’s house in mysterious circumstances in Buruburu estate, Nairobi.

The body of pastor Geoffrey Maingi of Redeemed Gospel church’s New Life Temple Church in Nairobi was found in the woman’s bedroom after he had died from unknown reasons on Tuesday afternoon, police and witnesses said.

Maingi, 70 had driven into the compound of a worshiper for what the woman termed as a “prayer session” when he died.

“We were informed of the death at around 5pm according to what we gathered from the woman is that he collapsed and died,” he said. [button link=”https://amredeemed.com/news/us-church-allows-nude-worship-pictures/” icon=”128078″ target=”” color=”orange” size=”small”]Naked worship[/button]

According to preliminary reports by police, the man is said to have had high blood pressure.

On her part Ms Wavinya said: “I was not in the house when the pastor came. So when I got to the house he told me that he wanted to rest. I had to let him rest.”

When he developed breathing problems she ran outside to call a taxi.

He died while she was still looking for a taxi, said Ms Wavinya.

The 40-year-old lady said the pastor used to visit the house occasionally to pray for her.

But angry residents would hear none of that saying the woman should have been punished for killing the pastor.

They yelled outside the house just next to Buruburu Tuskys, calling for her to be brought outside so that they could ‘teach her a lesson.’

The death attracted a huge crowd outside the house amid claims he may have died out of a heart attack caused by sexual enhancement tablets. [button link=”https://amredeemed.com/reads/love-and-marriage/4-things-wish-knew-sex-married/” icon=”128247″ target=”” color=”orange” size=”small”]Sex sex sex[/button]

Other followers from the church arrived at the scene and drove off Maingi’s car to avoid being filmed by journalists.

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