‘Potentially deadly’ asteroid on UNKNOWN path to skim Earth TODAY?

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Due to ongoing uncertainty over the location of the space rock called 2013 TX68, astronomers are holding a special live broadcast to coincide with the event and to try to pin it down.

And you can watch the event unfold live online by clicking back on this story.

The “Near Earth Asteroid”, discovered in 2013, is on such an unknown path, that NASA originally thought it would make it’s close approach to Earth on March 5.

There is still a chance it may not get here until Today or even tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9.

Experts are so uncertain about its path they say the 100 ft asteroid may pass as close as 11,000 miles, or as far as five or more million miles.

There are also fears it could strike us, flying into Earth as early as September 2017, when it is expected to head this way again.

A spokesman from Slooh telescope online channel said: “There is a 1 in 250m chance it will hit Earth on September 28, 2017. Or is it 1 in 3? The facts keep changing because JPL has been unable to pin down its orbit.

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